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We hope you will find the following sites entertaining as well as educational. Let us know what you think about them.

The web site of our main vitamin line. This site has many excellent articles on nutrition and specific supplements; there is also a review of current literature. You can find descriptions and uses of many vitamins, and a product catalog.

A Excellent summary of research abstracts on about a dozen supplements. Also, very good section with reviews of current literature.

A doctor's web site, with a great healthy living protocol. You can read a weekly on-line newsletter reviewing current literature. This is a good site, especially if you like (or don't mind) the political commentary.

Dr. John Cannell presents a thorough examination of Vitamin D, which is, perhaps, the most cost effective supplement available.

Dr. J Flechas answers all your questions about hypothyroid. You can even order an iodine test through the lab referenced on this site.

On this site you can read all of Dr. Guy Abraham's papers that discuss iodine, hypothyroid and fibrocystic breast disease.

Almost everything you want to know about supplements. You can access the complete reference library of Health Notes On Line, including interactions and precautions.

Build stronger bones and teeth, clear arteries, and improve skin with one vitamin? Learn about the extraordinary new form of Vitamin K at this site.

The best source of news and information about Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The Foundation is a consortium of physicians and other practitioners, healthcare activists, and other concerned individuals, as well as of health and nutrition oriented organizations and nutrient suppliers--all of whom are dedicated to promoting the extraordinary value of vitamin C.

More to come. Suggestions welcome.